Studies Confirm Coronavirus Is Weaponized, Israel Bombs Gaza/Syria Again & Assange’s Kangaroo Court – The Last American Vagabond

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Erdogan Forces Cut Drinking Water off Al-Hasakah, an Explicit War Crime – Syria News

the UN & other usually very ‘concerned’ international organizations suddenly become deaf, blind, & mute when war crimes of such levels are committed, they are only shouting & flooding the world with their crocodile tears over alleged & staged crimes

Russia Offers Erdogan a Large Banana, Might be the Last One in Idlib – Syria News

The banana, in our opinion, is very large for Erdogan to reject, which if there are any remaining functioning cells in his brain will make him grab it and ignore those cheering for him to keep climbing. Failing to get the banana or use it in the wrong end will be the end of Erdogan’sContinue reading “Russia Offers Erdogan a Large Banana, Might be the Last One in Idlib – Syria News”

The Syrian Army in Idlib – OffGuardian

Those whose understanding of US led wars in the region is shaped entirely by corporate media may well find the counterintuitive, Orwellian nature of Hudson’s second observation too much to take in. That does not make it untrue, however. Likewise his depiction of Isis, Al Qaeda et al as “America’s foreign legion”

Satanyahu Regime Desecrates Body of Murdered Palestinian – Stephen Lendman

What happened over the weekend is commonplace Israeli brutality against defenseless Palestinians throughout the Territories — the world community largely turning a blind eye to its high crimes.

The Russian US Election Meddling Hoax – Stephen Lendman

Nothing exists that suggests Russia interferes in US or other foreign elections anywhere..On the one hand, establishment media report fake news about Russia. In contrast, they systematically conceal US high crimes against other nations, reporting nothing.

“Democracy Is For Infidels”/ Video by Hadi Nasrallah – Mark Taliano

Accept the truth. “Moderates” never existed except as an “intelligence” agency narrative to protect & arm all the terrorists..Forget Bana Alabed. It is war propaganda. Forget all of that garbage. Syria, Syrians & their allies are fighting for freedom & democracy. Support them.

Israeli Forces (Terrorists) Arrest (Kidnap) 36 Palestinians, Including Three Minors, in Jerusalem, West Bank – The Palestine Chronicle

Israeli forces today detained 36 Palestinians, including three minors and a woman, in multiple raids across occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank, said the Palestine Prisoner Society (PPS).

Hizbollah, Palestinian factions condemn Israeli Aggression on Damascus – The Syria Times

 In a statement on Monday, the alliance said that the aggression confirms the criminal nature of the Zionist entity in the light of the growing capabilities of the axis of resistance which has foiled the American-Zionist scheme in Syria, particularly after the Syrian army’s victory over terrorism in Aleppo and its progress in Idleb.

Lavrov: Moscow will counter any attempts to justify terrorists – The Syria Times

Lavrov voiced concern about the support of western countries, mainly the United States, for Jabhat al-Nusra, stressing that this support aims at achieving these countries’ geopolitical agendas in Syria.