Online Harms Roadmap To Censorship – In This Together

The terrifying scale of the child grooming gangs, the prolific abuse of children in the care system, the destruction of police officers careers (if they are ever brave enough to investigate prominent paedophiles or establishment paedophile rings) the incarceration of survivors who make allegations, the perpetual disappearance of all the evidence from State custody and the sexualisation of children through the education system, are all taking place in a parallel universe of which the State has no knowledge whatsoever. As far as it is concerned it’s doing an excellent job protecting children. It just needs to do more, which means censorship…Widespread censorship means dictatorship. It’s a simple as that. Freedom of speech and expression are indivisible from democracy, without one you cannot have the other. If the State is aiming to censor free speech, which it is, then it is building a dictatorship. There’s no escaping that fact.

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