Idlib’s Bloody Thursday: Where Fake News and Martyrdom Collide – 21st Century Wire

Ever since Turkey supposedly switched sides & started co-operating with Russia, Syria’s not-so civil war next door has been a sore spot that made relation between the Turkish & Russian presidents quite tense at times. And now, this sore spot has exploded like a huge pus-filled cyst, covering the Prez and his soldiers in an ill-smelling mixture of blood and misery…the West’s mainstream media as well as Turkey’s pro-AKP propaganda outlets have for the past weeks and months continuously repeated the mantra that Idlid as the last ‘rebel’ stronghold (as if the Jihadi terrorist of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and/or its many allies and/or affiliates were Jedi Knights fighting the Evil Empire) on the verge of falling for the cruel and inhumane onslaught of Assad and his Russian allies. This narrative is very similar or perhaps I should say, the same as the one employed in Libya back in 2011…Recept Tayyip Erdoğan is playing a most disingenuous game with the EU and the population of Turkey . . . he is at present playing poker with two separate hands: one promising a replenishing of the mountain of martyrs with Turkish citizens and the other, blackmailing the EU with multitudes of brown-skinned people fleeing unstable regions and desirous of a better life. Will people be able to call his bluff this time or will he reveal himself yet again to be an accomplished and cunning trickster . . . an artful trickster employing fake news and human misery to his best advantage?

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