Video: The Modern History of Yemen Part 1 (1914 to 2011) – Jay Tharappel

“Tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of the war on Yemen so I made a video about it to explain the conflict. Most of us who opposed the war on Syria did so because we were reacting against the agenda of the empire, which involved as part of its strategy, the demonisation of the Syrian government, but the Yemeni national resistance has it even worse than Syria in this sense, because they don’t even have the luxury of being demonised, rather they are simply ignored. Many people know that Yemen is suffering because of Saudi Arabia but nothing beyond that, so I made this video to give you a sense of that country’s history, to bring context to the Ansarullah/Houthi movement. In Part 1 I discuss the history of Yemen from WW1 to the end of the “Six Sa’ada Wars” (1914 – 2011), and in Part 2, I cover the events from the “Arab Spring” protests to the Saudi invasion of Yemen.”

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