Planetary Hysteria: Manufactured COVID-19 “Health Crisis” Pushes Humanity, Global Society to Total Shutdown – Global Research

The speed and scale at which this engineered crash has shut down an entire planet is unprecedented, and awesome in its horror. This conquest was achieved in the span of mere days. With no resistance. Every corner of the globe, every individual, imprisoned mentally as well as physically. All it took was one Big Lie, one Big Fear…What we are living is an unfathomable dystopian nightmare, and it is reality…Make no mistake. This “health crisis” serves as a cover for a global superpower “economic war” on a scale never experienced before. This war continues to rapidly evolve, rendering analysis difficult, if not impossible. There are numerous agendas at play, and countless players across the political universe in this gargantuan manipulation…We are witnessing psychosis, successfully fomented on a planetary scale. Virtually the entire human race has been rendered insane. Media-induced mass fear, panic, hysteria, and hypochondria grip all of humanity. As the tidal wave of panic overwhelms all of life itself, people become oblivious to facts, oblivious of clear evidence that they have been and continue to be criminally manipulated, exploited, and controlled…How will future history books depict this lowest moment in human history? A planet full of weak, submissive, cowardly sheeple, quaking in fear, begging to have their liberties & freedoms taken from them, begging to be controlled, begging to be permanently enslaved…This is indeed a global pandemic: a pandemic of insanity. Of evil, and the most massive brainwashing operation in history. Who but a tiny fraction of humanity is even asking questions, while the jackboot of all jackboots crushes our collective throats?

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