Are You Prepared For The “Infodemic”? – James Corbett

Oh, no! Too much information? Say it ain’t so! If only someone can save us from this terrible scourge of having to use our own brains and apply a little discernment to the information we encounter! Don’t worry too much, though. The good folks at the WHO have a plan for dealing with such an “over-abundance” of information…in case you haven’t cottoned on yet, “infodemic” is a euphemism for “fake news.” And we all know that “fake news” is just the term that government officials and their MSM mockingbird repeaters use to describe independent online journalism. The current pandemic pandemonium provides the purveyors of official, government-approved fake news the perfect opportunity to remove independent voices from the internet. You better believe they’re going to use it. So watch out for the infodemic. If you’re not careful, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are going to take care of this “problem” of the “abundance of information” by making sure you only ever get your information from approved sources.

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