Lest We Forget: Rashideen, the NATO Backed Massacre of Children The Corporate Media Used To Promote Terrorists. By Vanessa Beeley – BSNews

Rashideen was a massacre, it was a crime against humanity, and a sectarian mass murder of children, perpetrated by the extremist factions inside Syria who are consistently given “immunity” by western media’s prejudiced and partisan reporting, while being armed, funded and promoted by the alliance of neocolonialist states determined to destabilize Syria and to depose its democratically elected President. This senseless loss of life, mostly children, laid bare the most despicable aspects of western corporate media misinformation & manipulation of our perception regarding the conflict in Syria. Western media was already implicated in the atrocities being committed by the terrorists they labelled “moderates”, “rebels” and “freedom fighters” but now they were at a loss. How to extricate their “rebels” from responsibility and how to restore their reputation as kitten loving “revolution” poster boys? How to profit from the situation to whitewash the tarnished image of their darling White Helmets who were, present at the scene, but according to eye-witnesses, “only helped the Nusra Front fighters, not the injured children & adult civilians“.


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