The First Casualty of War Is Truth. The Role of Propaganda – Global Research

There has always been an endless series of periodic, often orchestrated, economic crashes that have always harmed workers and destroyed small businesses and the middle class. Prior to the economic crises, the elite, wealthy propagandists (recall that well-done propaganda is very expensive to do) have consistently convinced the gullible public that prosperity is going to last forever and so they should invest heavily in the stock market. Then, just before the crash, the elite propagandists short-sell the market and profit while everybody else loses. Propaganda has been widely used throughout history, long before Bernays wrote the book, but the propagandists usually don’t identify it as such. Propagandists prefer to use terms like “public relations”, “promotions”, “publicity”, “salesmanship”, “marketing”, and “press conferences” (in order to indoctrinate journalists), when” hype”, “image management” and “manufacturing consent“ is what is being sold to the propagandees. Propaganda has been long used, over-used and abused in the advertising, public relations, political “science”, medical, pharmaceutical and war industries. The first overlord in ancient history eventually realized that, in order to get his obedient subjects to do what he wanted then to do – without having to resort to torture, public crucifixions, the guillotine, fines, imprisonment or various police state tactics – propaganda could be effective in getting his subjects to even ruin their lives forever by marching off to war.

The First Casualty of War Is Truth. The Role of Propaganda

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