SYRIA: Dr Bashar Al Jaafari addresses UNSC New York – The Wall Will Fall

Nine years have passed since the so-called “Syrian crisis”, which is actually a terrorist war launched by the governments of well-known states, the game of domination has expanded to legislation intervention in the affairs of Syria and other countries of our region and shed the blood of their children and loot Her riches have proved to be false. Nine years of weapons used against my country and their forms ranging from a massive media war to an investment in terrorism and the welfare of criminal organizations, direct military intervention, direct military intervention, bombing, aggression and occupation by the United States and France Britain, turkey and Israel, including the recent Israeli aggression two days ago, which led to the death of three civilians and wounded four others, economic terrorism and collective punishment of the Syrian people by imposing one-sided forced measures. All are in grave violation of international law and the provisions of the charter of the United Nations

SYRIA: Dr Bashar Al Jaafari addresses UNSC New York

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