The Corona Tyranny and the Quarantine of Truth – American Herald Tribune

The censors of Big Tech have been particularly busy these days deleting videos made by doctors and virologists all over the world who are critical of the way in which the mainstream media have reported on the so-called pandemic. There are at least 100 doctors in Germany who have spoken out, many publishing urgent letters of protest to the German government, denouncing the misinformation and unnecessary panic being spread about the virus. Most of them have never been heard of before in dissident circles. They were, until quite recently, respectable authorities with top positions in academia and government. Dr Wolfgang Wodarg used to be promoted and respected by the establishment when he a member of the European Parliamentary Committee on Health and advisor to the German government. But Wodarg was one of those rare doctors who had moral integrity. In 2019, he demanded an investigation into the World Health Organisation, after it was revealed they had been lobbied by Big Pharma to exaggerate the dangers of the H1N1 pandemic. Wodarg was pilloried by the media after he denounced the lies and pseudoscience being used to justify the panic over the coronavirus. Coronaviruses have been identified and classified since the 1960s. In most cases, they are associated with flu and colds and are hardly ever a threat to healthy individuals…There have been many casualties in this media war. Many writers on the left wrote good analyses of the Syrian war..but proved to be idiots & cowards when it really counted when the war really came home. Their analyses will join the bins of plastic gloves…in the near future there will be two classes, the global elites who own everything and a global serf class. The 5G masts are going up for the internet of things while the masses gaze at their tv screens, overeat and applaud their slavery every night at their windows like trained circus animals. Meanwhile, hundreds of videos are being made by nurses in hospitals all over the world dancing in empty hospitals…This crisis has turned billions of the world’s people into zombies. Zombies are dangerous beings. We will need to social distance from them before they turn us in for not believing the government propaganda. For the new norm is if you disagree with anything the global pedo-criminal regime says, you will be told to shut your gob and put on your mask or put into isolation “in a dignified manner.”

The Corona Tyranny and the Quarantine of Truth

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