Opposing lockdown is NOT “profits before people” – OffGuardian

Billionaires love a crisis. There are fortunes to be made on put-options and derivatives; buying cheap stock in failing companies; snatching up foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar; stagnating wages means paying your employees nothing while your profits soar. And debt. Mountains of debt. Private, and corporate, which gives you leverage for years – even decades. It is in these crises that oligarchs are born. While many of us are struggling, the top billionaires in the US have seen their personal fortunes increase by over 300 billion dollars. The banks handling the bail-outs have charged over 10 billion dollars in banking fees alone. What’s happening to the economy is a disaster for everyone…except the billionaires. Remember, all this is the result of a lockdown that, as of right now, there’s zero evidence has saved any lives. In fact, there’s actually very little evidence lockdowns work at all. Remember, also, that the virus is acknowledged to be harmless to over 80% of the people it infects, and only mild in the vast majority of the those who ever show symptoms. We’re not choosing between a Ebola and a devastating lockdown, we’re choosing between a “mild to moderate” disease and a devastating lockdown.

Opposing lockdown is NOT “profits before people”

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