PSY-OP COVID-19: Under House Arrest! – Global Research

A rat is placed in the compartment with the door closed. It is alone and cannot escape. After a while, Laborit observes that the rat doesn’t even try to move anymore. It remains prostrate, covered with electric shocks. At the end of the experiment, he experiences significant weight loss, prolonged high blood pressure (several weeks) and multiple stomach ulcers. This experiment shows that a living being confronted with stress, if he cannot act on it, flee or fight, freezes, prostrates himself and develops diseases. This is the inhibition of action. Among the billions of confined human beings, many have submitted themselves to authority, some ready to follow all the orders given, even absurd ones, and to make them be respected in turn. Others have preferred to believe a lie or to act as if it were true, for fear of facing pressure from their group. The majority, finally, frozen, prostrate, under the combined effect of fear and confinement, inhibited all action, reflection, subject to the order to stay at home, to respect an aggressive isolation without being able to move or fight.

PSY-OP COVID-19: Under House Arrest!

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