Video: ‘Boris Johnson coercing UK into accepting covid19 house arrest’ – OffGuardian

UK column have been doing some of the best work exposing the realities of the covid19 rollout. We recommend everyone follow their channel. This May 11 segment looks at Boris Johnson’s latest announcements and what the new five-stage ‘Covid alert system’ means for UK citizens. It should be obvious by now, even to the most determinedly avoidant or trusting individuals that the ‘covid alert system’ and all the rest of the authoritarian baggage being unpacked has nothing to do with disease prevention and control. You do not need special five-stage alert systems to deal with a common coronavirus that is admitted to be harmless to 89-99% of those infected. Let’s stop and read that again. And again. Let’s repeat it as often as needed for the meaning to penetrate to the same level of mind currently in the grip of the fear porn. Harmless to 80-99% of those infected. Despite all the speculation you can read about strokes, permanent lung damage, weird bat DNA etc etc, it still does not change the fact that, according to the same official sources trying to scare you, this is a minor coronavirus that is harmless to the hugely overwhelming majority of human beings. Put your programmed fear response aside and watch this valuable breakdown.

‘Boris Johnson coercing UK into accepting covid19 house arrest’

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