Never the Aggressor: Israel Is Convinced of Its Own Benevolence – Mint Press News

Israel glorifies its military and portrays those who are sent by the state to commit acts of violence as heroes. “We are persecuted and murdered by the majority of ‘civilized’ peoples, or by savage and cruel peoples like the Arabs. Their intention toward us is not only to humiliate but also to destroy us physically.” These comments were written in the personal diary of Yosef Hecht, the founding commander of the Zionist terrorist organization, the Hagannah. Israel’s Haaretz newspaper recently featured a story about Hecht, a man who had a foundational role in the establishment of the Hagganah, the main Zionist terrorist militia in pre-1948 Palestine. The Haganah legacy is still very much alive in Israel and those who served in it, like my own father, are remembered with great admiration. This month marks the Haganah centenary, an event that will further glorify the Zionist militia which was responsible for unspeakable crimes against the people of Palestine…The violence perpetrated by Israel is always glorious, soldiers who are killed in the process are symbols of patriotism and sacrifice. The state of Israel, like the Zionist movement before the state was established, is selling a false narrative. They had changed the story claiming that Zionist and Israeli terrorists were, in fact, “self-defense forces,” and that the Palestinian victims of terrorism were violent aggressors. This is how the story was told when the Zionist terror squads were established in the early twentieth century, and this is how it is told today.

Never the Aggressor: Israel Is Convinced of Its Own Benevolence

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