SUNDAY WIRE – ‘COVID Crash Test’ with guest David Crowe and more – 21st Century Wire

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on ACR with host Patrick Henningsen covering the top stories in the US, Europe and internationally. This week we continue our commentary on the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis and the great social engineering experiment known as ‘lockdown’, as governments continue to double-down on a policy decision which looks certain to be the biggest epic failure in modern history. New economic figures are in which now point to a global depression, with central banks printing money like there’s no tomorrow, and governments saying that the people must pay the bill through higher taxes and spending cuts over the coming decades. In the second hour, we’ll connect with special guest, independent researcher, David Crowe, to discuss his recent analysis of the COVID-19 RT-PCR RNA testing, as well the efficacy of COVID antibody testing – how accurate they are and how this paradigm could affect governments’ policies and society going forward. In the final segment we’ll also talk with SUNDAY WIRE Roving Correspondent for Culture & Sport, Basil Valentine, and ACR’s Hesher for the latest on US states lifting lockdowns this week. All this and much, much more. Enjoy the show…

Episode #326 – ‘COVID Crash Test’ with guest David Crowe and more

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