Virtual epidemic, virtual culture, prince of darkness – Jon Rappoport

Welcome to the expansion of Virtual Culture.

Speaking of which—right now, we’re in a virtual pandemic.

ONE: the discovery of a new virus was never carried out via proper procedures. Therefore, the existence of a new virus is unproven.

TWO: The widespread tests for diagnosing the purported virus—PCR and antibody—routinely spit out false-positive results which are damaging and useless…

THREE: Therefore rendering all case numbers meaningless.

FOUR: The people are who are dying are dying of causes that have nothing to do with a purported new virus; for example, flu-like illness, ordinary pneumonia, other traditional lung infections. Overwhelmingly, these people are elderly, suffering from multiple long-term health conditions, and have been treated for years with toxic medical drugs. Many are living in areas of heavy and noxious pollution. That’s why they’re dying. Other deaths may well be the result of toxic vaccine campaigns—for instance, in the north of Italy, where apparently a new type of flu vaccine was introduced in the fall and winter of 2019.

FIVE: The lockdowns are causing horrific economic and health tragedies. They’re entirely unnecessary. If you compare the purported effects of purported COVID-19 with official global figures on flu, the flu would be far more dangerous—and yet, no massive lockdowns vaguely approaching what we’re enduring now have ever been enforced for flu.

For these and other reasons, we are being treated to a virtual story.

This is a virtual pandemic.

Virtual epidemic, virtual culture, prince of darkness

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