The REAL meaning behind Dominic Cummings breaking lockdown – OffGuardian

From Ferguson to Cuomo to Cummings, the high profile Lockdown violations show the establishment don’t believe their own hype

The debate today is whether Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s Chief Advisor, should resign, or not. Whether he broke the lockdown rules, or even the law. Whether his trip was justified or if there was some perfidiousness behind it.

Mostly, they miss the vitally important point.

The same was true when Neil Ferguson – main author of the Imperial Model, and consequently the lockdown – was found to be breaking lockdown with his married girlfriend.

The press divided between the lockdown enthusiasts defending him, or the anti-lockdowners eagerly calling him a hypocrite.

Both, again, were missing the point.

Yes, it’s satisfying to cast people down for being hypocrites. Yes, it’s easy to conduct witchhunts based on shallow issues against people whose politics we disagree with. But to take part in the free-for-all is to endorse a distraction that actually reinforces the narrative, and misses the fundamentally more important issue at the root of it.

We’re all meant to be “sheltering in place” and “protecting the NHS” and “saving lives” because there is a “deadly virus”. We’re being told this is for our own safety. Because the virus is allegedly dangerous.

When the people giving us these orders do not follow them themselves, they are not showing themselves to be “hypocrites”. They are showing themselves to be liars. They are admitting they don’t really believe what they’re saying.

If I tell you you shouldn’t eat chocolate, because it will make your head explode, then I take your chocolate off you and eat it – you wouldn’t think “You hypocrite! You fool! That could make your head explode!”, would you?

You’d be far more likely to think “Hey, he lied to me so he could steal my chocolate.”

…Whether this is true Orwellian double-think or just old-fashioned dishonesty is not for us to judge (that’s between them, their consciences and maybe their therapists). The internal complexities are as unknowable as they are irrelevant.

The point is: The police, the press, the scientists, the politicians – everyone spouting the need to follow the lockdown rules is perfectly happy to break them.

Because they know what they’re really for, and it’s not to protect us from a virus.

The REAL meaning behind Dominic Cummings breaking lockdown

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