Why the Empire’s media arm must lie about Syria’s allies – The Saker

As per usual with Empire media, sourcing and fact checking doesn’t seem to be something that’s on their priority list. Since Bloomberg’s pathetic article was published on April 28, tons of media outlets have spinned the story and added more speculations and wishful thinking.

Another factor playing part in the Presstitute media’s lies about Syria is self-consolation. The Syrian war seems to be stirring up some passionate emotions on all sides, not least among the Presstitute journalists and mainstream “think tank” analysts who all share a deep hatred for Damascus. Seeing how their dreams and fantasies about a jihadist run Syria is becoming more and more unrealistic as each day passes, they need to console themselves by making up lies and keep up the morale among the jihadists and their supporters. This is where we are today after 9 years of war. Having lost all hope of toppling Assad through the use of proxy terrorists, the Empire’s desperation shows as they resort to information and psychological warfare.

One must understand the absolute catastrophe that the Empire has created for itself in Syria. Remember that the plan was to topple Assad and in turn weaken both Iran and Hezbollah. This would also marginalize Russia in the region since Damascus is the last true ally of Moscow’s in the Arab world. This plan has failed so miserably on all fronts as Moscow today stands as a very real and viable alternative ally for many countries who are tired of being bullied by Washington, the Islamic Republic and the Resistance Front are stronger than ever before and the threat to Washington’s beloved Israel is ever more imminent. This is why they must lie, to save themselves from the absolute embarrassment of admitting defeat. For the Presstitute clowns, selling their fantasies and dreams to the public as being “the truth” seems a whole lot easier than accepting that they bet on the wrong horse.

Why the Empire’s media arm must lie about Syria’s allies

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