Burning wheat fields, stealing crops…. Systematic policy of US and Turkish occupation in Syrian al-Jazeera region – SANA

Burning agricultural crops in the Syrian al-Jazeera region, especially wheat, to empty the Syrian basket of its bounties is another goal that unites the American and Turkish occupation forces in an aggressive behavior and a violation of international laws that amounts to a war crime added to other crimes committed by those occupying forces against the Syrians and their state.

Previously prepared crimes committed by the Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries of terrorist groups are in line with the attacks of the US occupation forces and armed groups which are subordinate to their orders starting from shelling cities and regions, destroying their infrastructure and displacing citizens from their homes, through a policy of killing, looting, kidnapping, and armed robbery against the people and their properties, and don’t end with burning tens of thousands of hectares planted with wheat and barley in the areas where they established their illegitimate bases and occupation points and in the safe areas adjacent to them on Syrian lands.

Deliberately setting fire to the strategic wheat crop through which the Syrians have achieved over dozens of years self-sufficiency and it has constituted a major pillar of food security in the country as nowadays it  has become a clear target in the context of an economic war and unjust starvation policy practiced by the US and the new Ottoman Turkish regime against the Syrian people and their state after their failure along with their tools of terrorists in their aggressive war and their attempt to subjugate  the Syrians who reject the occupation forces and its allies.

Burning wheat fields, stealing crops…. Systematic policy of US and Turkish occupation in Syrian al-Jazeera region 

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