We were told for months we’d never gather in public again ‘because Covid-19.’ Where do the week’s riots leave ‘social distancing’? – Ron Paul Institute

The same people who convinced Americans to lock themselves inside for months for fear of a killer virus have forsaken Covid-19 to urge us all to join nationwide protests. If anyone took them seriously before, those days are over.

Media, politicians and celebrities who spent the past three months lecturing Americans about the importance of staying home and keeping at least six feet away from all other humans lest they catch or spread the deadly coronavirus have suddenly pivoted on a dime – seemingly as one – to cheering on those Americans defying their advice to pour into the streets and join nationwide protests against police brutality.

Wall-to-wall Covid-19 coverage gave way overnight to endless footage of police whaling on protesters, rioters burning buildings and looting, and massive crowds in the streets of every major American city. Nary a word was spoken about social distancing, or lockdowns, or anything relating to the “new normal” we’d been ordered for months to understand was our only future.

But one thing seems certain. If they don’t even make an effort to explain what happened to the “new normal” socially distanced dystopia we were told was inevitable just two weeks ago, and just pretend the lockdown never happened, we can expect howls of outrage from the millions of people who realize they’ve been betrayed by their leaders like never before – rage that will make the current unrest look quite tame.

Sure, they could simply admit they overhyped the pandemic, even apologize to the people whose lives they ruined with the shutdowns, and try to make amends that way. But that’s not their style.

Indeed, just about the only way the political class and their media enablers could further tank their credibility would be to blame that Covid-19 “second wave” on those “wildly irresponsible anti-police-brutality protests” everyone was somehow convinced to join in June. Wanna bet that’s the route they take?

We were told for months we’d never gather in public again ‘because Covid-19.’ Where do the week’s riots leave ‘social distancing’?

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