COVID-19: “Excess deaths” or State-sponsored “homicide”? – Mark Taliano

Rancourt demonstrates that “COVID Peaks” occur in “synchronicity” with WHO diktats AND NOT with viral ecology. The “excess deaths” then, are a result of the lockdown and WHO/CDC/Institutional diktats and guidelines.

Finally, he postulates that “the ‘COVID peak’ represents an accelerated mass homicide of immune-vulnerable individuals, and individuals made more immune-vulnerable, by government and institutional actions, rather than being an epidemiological signature of a novel virus, irrespective of the degree to which the virus is novel from the perspective of viral speciation,’ and that “my interpretation of the ‘COVID peak’ as being a signature of mass homicide by government response is supported by several institutional documents, media reports, and scientific articles … “

COVID-19: “Excess deaths” or State-sponsored “homicide”?

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