Is George Floyd a Martyr? A Response to my Critics – Gearóid Ó Colmáin

The riots in the United States, sparked after the murder of George Floyd, have raised a number of important issues. What role does race play in class struggle? Which class wields power? What is the importance of race in the struggle against imperialism?

I watched the video of George Floyd’s murder with the same lack of emotion I watch fake news stories of children gassed by the Assad “regime” in Syria because I think with my brain and not my heart. You have to think with your brain in an information war because it manipulates people through traumatic images which target the heart.

The Empire today is not a nation-state. It is not America. It is not China. It is a complex of networks constituted by an international billionaire class which is rapidly moving up to the trillionaire rung of the global hierarchy. When they get there, there will be queer kind of “socialism” for the masses, as much of it as they can impose, while the elites live in Sybaritic opulence. And they’ll have plenty collaborators on the Left — brigades of petty-bourgeois thought police and mindless misgendered goons!

Is George Floyd a Martyr? A Response to my Critics

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