This Week in The Guardian #8 – OffGuardian

The Guardian is concerned about “anti-vaxxers” spreading “conspiracy theories” which will stop everyone from wanting the magical superfast vaccine when it arrives on the market.

How do they counter this “misinformation”? With science and rational debate?


Instead they use cringey emotional blackmail:

the vaccine could be the world’s ticket out. The ticket to rebooting the economy, to travel, and to hugs. What happens if not enough people get vaccinated, and that ticket becomes invalid?

Hear that everyone? You’d better get that vaccine, or no more freedom and no more hugs!

Later they wheel out some psychologist to repeat all the familiar tropes about “conspiracy theories” being comforting for idiots (and plug his very creepy book at the same time):

Whenever people are scared and they have a sense of losing control, that’s when these things emerge because for some people belief in a conspiracy is giving them comfort. It’s psychologically easier.

And topping it all off with an anecdote about “Susan”, an otherwise anonymous Australian mother who didn’t use to believe in vaccination, but then had a good talk with a doctor, and now loves vaccines so much she’s volunteered to be a test case for the Covid19 jab. Seriously.

This Week in The Guardian #8

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