COVID-19, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter: The Battle for Control of the Internet – American Herald Tribune

Many observers have noted that the time through which we are living now seems unprecedented. We are all experiencing an amazing convergence of so many monumental developments that combine into a fast-moving narrative. In recent days the focus suddenly shifted from COVID-19 and compulsory vaccines to insurrection and anarchy from within. Suddenly the vaccine czar, Bill Gates, has been swept from the center stage of current events. Suddenly multi-billionaire Gates has been upstaged by multi-billionaire George Soros.

What is going on? What are the themes of continuity and disjuncture that characterize the strange and consequential sequence of events? What lies up ahead as we leave behind, probably forever, many familiar patterns of life. It seems that everything entered a period of ultra flux beginning in the opening days of 2020 with a US drone strike that martyred General Soleimani.

One of the unifying themes I seek to emphasize here is the importance of the Internet and the many media that feed into it as the most influential shaper of current events. When are we being played by experts in psyops and deception and when are we dealing with spontaneous developments that could not have been planned or spun to advance predetermined political agendas? What is the role of the Internet? 

Who if anyone is in charge of what does or doesn’t get covered on the Internet? Whose version of events will be highlighted and corroborated and thus be allowed to prevail as authoritative? When does a whistleblower become a conspiracy theorist? How does it happen that narratives convenient to advance the agendas of the rich and powerful, of the status quo, so often become reified as if they are true?

How did the Big Pharma companies negotiate the sweetheart deals with the federal government allowing them to disavow any responsibility for their notoriously untested and unsafe vaccines? If the vaccine producers were so sure of the safety of their products, why did they get the federal government to agree they don’t bear any liability when vaccine injuries occur (which is often)?

How much engineering if any of the news cycle was involved in the sudden shift of the public discourse away from the false alarm of COVID-19 and the economic destruction entailed in the lockdown? Was there manipulation involved in the sudden change of focus towards Black Lives Matter, police violence and the imperatives of antifa revolutionaries trained to kill and maim people as well as destroy public property?

COVID-19, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter: The Battle for Control of the Internet

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