Israel Continues to be Rewarded for Killing American Sailors: Remembering the USS Liberty – The Palestine Chronicle

Not only did Israel murder and wound sailors, in cold blood, on an unarmed American ship, but they also got away with their murderous crime and, for the past 53 years, they have been handsomely rewarded for their crime.

For Israel, crime pays abundantly.

A nation that selectively and dishonorably turns it back on its servicemen and servicewomen (every president since Lyndon Johnson, pentagon brass, and thousands of Congressional jackasses bought with AIPAC money) is a nation that has lost its soul.

Since June 8, 1967, American taxpayers have shelled out billions upon billions of dollars to Israel compliments of Democrat and Republican politicians. To curry favor from Jewish donors and voters for this election cycle, last week this same bipartisan assortment of clowns whored their principles by rewarding Israel with yet another 38 billion dollars’ no-strings-attached gift. This, even as dire economic conditions loom heavy on the horizon.

Until and unless the 34 dead American sailors, the 174 wounded American wounded sailors, and the many who have died since that 1967 infamous day are recognized for their valor and sacrifice, and until their grievances are redressed, the Albatross of Shame will hang heavy over all the cowardly characters who wave the American flag and prostitute their principles; this includes the media, starting with Israel’s mouthpiece, The New York Times, and coconspirators FOXNEWS, CNN, MSNBC, and other tribal wannabe news outlets.

Israel Continues to be Rewarded for Killing American Sailors: Remembering the USS Liberty

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