Lockdown Regime Deaths and the True Cost of LOKIN-20 – In This Together

The Lockdown regime, ushered in by the UK government on March 23rd and enacted into Law on March 25th, appears to have led to the premature deaths of tens of thousands of people in the UK. In my previous post LOKIN-20 The Lockdown Regime Causes Increasing Health Concerns we discussed the likelihood that the Lockdown would cause significant excess mortality. With the release of the latest report on non COVID 19 related deaths from the Office of National Statistics we can now start to see the scale of those deaths.

The ONS reveal that between March 7th and May 1st (ONS Week 11 – 18) there were 46,380 excess death, over and above the statistical 5 year average, registered in England and Wales. Figures for Scotland and Northern Ireland are not included.

Of the 46,380 excess deaths 12,900 (27.8% of additional excess deaths) were not attributable to COVID 19. This suggests that 33,480 (72.2% of additional excess deaths) were attributable to COVID 19.

However, as we discussed in COVID 19 is a Statistical Nonsense it is by no means clear how many of those deaths were as a direct or even indirect result of COVID 19. The problem is that the UK State has created a system for registering COVID 19 deaths which is unusually vague, for the UK, and wide open both to error and misinterpretation.

The UK State, like the Italians, instructed the ONS to record any and all mentions of COVID 19 on the death certificate (MCCD) as COVID 19 mortality. Furthermore, the ONS were told to accept suggested COVID 19 mortality figures from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) even if COVID 19 was not mentioned on the MCCD.

This has left the collection and reporting of COVID 19 mortality in England and Wales in total disarray. Certainly the MSM’s reporting of those statistics, which has overwhelmingly been in support of the Lockdown regime, is as close to meaningless as it is possible to get without simply making them up.

With more than enough capacity to treat both the seriously ill non COVID 19 and COVID 19 patients, there is no doubt that the Lockdown regime has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of at least 12,900 people. Unfortunately, further analysis of the COVID 19 statistics suggests the figure is much higher.

It is this additional excess mortality the MSM commonly report in their daily coronavirus updates. They consistently attribute it either to COVID 19 or the “collateral damage” of the coronavirus crisis. The Lockdown regime itself appears to be largely immune from criticism as far as the mainstream media are concerned….

the UK State’s Lockdown Regime, despite claims of being led by the science, is based upon the computer models of Imperial College. These were not only wildly speculative, they were also demonstrably wrong.

Sadly, it appears the UK State are intent upon continuing their Lockdown regime. In all likelihood this policy has already led to the premature deaths of more than 34,000 British people. Unfortunately that figure is set to rise.

it is clear that the State and the mainstream media will blame any large second or third wave of mortality on coronavirus, either directly or as a suggested consequence. It will be a deception. The Lockdown regime is the cause and the health costs of LOKIN 20 are the effect.

I hope those of you who read this, who find the presented logic reasonable, will reject those claims when they arrive. More importantly, please tell others why.

Lockdown Regime Deaths and the True Cost of LOKIN-20

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