Protest, Riot, Loot, and Burn for Black Freedom in America? – American Herald Tribune

I wonder how much history is actually being read by the well-funded and well-covered media darlings pushing forward the protests and the riots and the property destruction and the monument wrecking? As I see it, the ring leaders of this anarchy revolve around Barack Obama and the operations he and his Democratic Party agents set in motion through the Organization for Action and its Antifa offshoots. 

The seedbed of these Antifa revolutionaries is our corrupt and ADL-controlled university systems where weak-minded progressives try to compensate for giving in to the threats of the Israel Lobby. All but a handful of pseudo-leftist faculty members compensate by directing their virtue signaling energies into anti-capitalism, anti-racism (except when it comes to Israel-Palestine) and “climate change” hocus-pocus. What happened to the project of limiting the proliferation of pollution, an honest word describing a broad array of environmental contaminations?

The change of topic away from the pandemic is currently taking place with the blessing of our governors and their media flunkies. To refer to them as “presstitutes” does an injustice to honest sex trade workers.

One of the main aims in the sudden alteration of highlighted topics is meant to divert attention from the huge public scandals coming to light in the US health care system. The stream of revelations being brought forward in genuine truth telling operations like Trunews and Del Bigtree’s The Highwire have been exposing the leadership of the public health care system in America as a new version of war profiteers.

In an era of hybrid warfare, war profiteering is becoming manifest in many new ways. Vaccine warfare on humanity is one the most significant new theatres of battle. For the war profiteers, the proliferation of indemnified vaccines in a cradle to grave system of injections has long since crossed the threshold of a genocidal assault on almost all of humanity.

The problems we have to address go way beyond racism into the realm of eugenics and reverse Robin Hood— to steal systematically from the poor and middle class in order to further enrich the already disgustingly wealthy. With their offshore money hideouts and high priced accountants the rich pay no taxes yet expect full obedience from their indentured servants in governments.

These same governments perpetuate themselves by taxing average folks to the hilt. These governments answer the dictates of their multibillionaire masters by plunging us deeper into debt, incessantly lying to us, spying on us, abusing us and condemning us as “conspiracy theorists” when we try to speak truth to power. As Harry Vox has so eloquently states, basically the multibillionaires and their captive governments want to kill us.

Protest, Riot, Loot, and Burn for Black Freedom in America?

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