The Caesar Act: The Latest Western Attack on Syria Didn’t Drop From a Plane – Eva Bartlett

As a consequence of the war on Syria, there has been immeasurable loss: the destruction of historic places like Palmyra, Maaloula (the  ancient Aramaic village northeast of Damascus), Aleppo’s souqs; and the  destruction of city districts in the fight against terrorism. Aleppo’s  souqs were being carefully restored when  I traveled to Syria in March. Yet, there is still much rebuilding to do  and thanks to the Caesar Act, that just got harder.

More appalling than the destruction of Syria’s historic places is the  human loss, civilian and military alike. Regarding the latter, little  concern is meted out by Western press over the deaths and maiming of  members of Syria’s national army. On the contrary, the Syrian Arab Army  is portrayed in Western media and by Western politicians as murderers  and thugs personally belonging to President Assad and not to Syria.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and indeed countless videos and anecdotes of  Syrian soldiers putting their lives on the line in order to protect and  save civilians from terrorists are available for any who wish to see  them. The army is a conscript army but also includes career soldiers and  men and women who voluntarily joined in order to defend their country. 

Just beyond the training location, a beautiful sunset burst out and I  thought about the many wounded soldiers, some whose lives were  disrupted forever, others who overcame major injuries to the point they  could walk, or at least hobble, again. They were all gracious. Some on  the shy side, others — including men whose injuries were the worst —  gregarious and humorous. Spending time with them was humbling, but also  reaffirmed what I already knew about the army: they are some of the most  courageous people I’ve met and those who write lies about them should  hang their heads in shame for being so far from the truth.

In 2020, it’s no secret, and no longer debatable, that the misery  Syria’s people have faced for almost a decade—the relentless, savage,  terrorism of civilians and military alike—is a product of Western,  particularly American, covert and overt meddling.

Western countries use forums like the United Nations as well as government-funded media  to further their goals and distort the reality about events on the  ground in Syria. The West supports terrorist gangs who have slaughtered  and pillaged since the war on Syria started in 2011. In fact, the West  and its Gulf allies instigated the non-revolution, flooding money and weapons into Syria before the first protests even emerged.

The recent passage of the Caesar Act is the newest level of criminality targeting Syria, even the name of the act is based on a lie.  An implementation of yet further brutal sanctions against the people of  Syria, it will cause immense suffering, all under the premise of  targeting Syria’s leadership and helping Syria’s people. The flawed and  hypocritical logic is one which the U.S. has applied to tens of nations who have refused to cower to its hegemony.

The U.S. and allied Western countries imposing the sanctions on Syria  should be imprisoned for their crimes against humanity and their  support of terrorism in Syria. Yet, there is never justice and the  criminals run the show.

The Caesar Act: The Latest Western Attack on Syria Didn’t Drop From a Plane

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