This Week in the Guardian #9 – OffGuardian

This week sees dogs who can smell the coronavirus, sarcasm as social protest and the reformation of a mustachioed war criminal

Whatever the cause of the Black Lives Matter protests, however many of the street-level voices are sincere, there’s no denying anymore they are at least being leveraged politically – if not fully coordinated.

The latest sign of that is the fast-forward reform of Joe Biden into a liberal hero.

In this piece we’re told Biden is “seizing the moment” with a “radical reform agenda”.

Elsewhere, Simon Tisdall suggests Biden could be the man to lead the “post Covid revolution”, which is alarming, because most people who’ve been paying attention wouldn’t trust Joe to lead a conga line (although, at least if he’s at the front he can’t inappropriately fondle anyone).

This Week in the Guardian #9

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