Face Masks Have Put Us In A State – In This Together

The State is a belief system. It is a faith, rather like a religion. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with faith. It doesn’t necessarily mean the belief itself is “wrong.” Faith can be a powerful force for good. It all depend upon what the belief is.

If your faith dictates that you treat all with love, compassion and respect then your belief is “right.” If you live in accordance with your faith then you are living in the truth, regardless of which deity you follow.

However, if your faith teaches you that you are better than “non believers,” that yours in the only true way and that those who don’t follow your beliefs, or your deity, deserve to be punished, you are “wrong.” You are not living in harmony with the truth. 

People who believe in the State are called statists. Those who don’t, broadly come under the umbrella term anarchists. For statists, the anarchist is despised. Life without their State is unimaginable, therefore those who wish to live without it must be evil. The anarchist has long been reviled by statists as the dangerous subversive.

Despite the perpetual myth that “anarchy” is synonymous with “chaos,” that is not what anarchy means. Anarchy encompasses a broad range of political, economic and sociological perspectives with one commonality. The State is considered both harmful and unnecessary.

For statists an absence of the State must mean “chaos.” A free for all with no law, no social security, no healthcare, no infrastructure and mob rule. This is the opposite of anarchy. Anarchy is not society without rules. It is society without rulers.

If you find yourself sat on a bus struggling to breath through your mum’s tea towel, please take a moment to rationalise why you are doing it. Are you doing it because you believe the State’s Transport Secretary has some special insight into ‘da science?’

Less than a third of your fellow citizens devolved their authority to him. Whether you were among that number or not, if you voted at all, you only have yourself to blame. By doing so you legitimised his power and now you are suffering the consequences.

Are you wearing it because you recognise that not doing so could result in a fine, non payment of which could potentially place you behind bars? If so, perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that you are doing it under duress. The threat of violence is clear and you have acquiesced. It’s an offer you can’t refuse because you need to go to work. They’ve got you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Remember that next time they ask you to vote for your wannabe ruler.

Are you wearing it because you have been told that the policy is led by the science? The mainstream media said the science was settled and you believed it? This would suggest that you mistakenly believe it will protect you from a disease that not only presents virtually no threat to you at all (if you are of working age) it is disappearing so quickly vaccine developers are running out of test subjects (not that they need any.)

From your perspective maybe you should accept that you are wearing a face mask because reasons. There really isn’t any more to it than that.

The State, on the other hand, has some very clear ambitions and ordering you to muzzle yourself is an important part of your operant conditioning. By wearing your face mask for no reason, you are demonstrating your obedience to the State. If you behave correctly some aspects of the lockdown may be lifted. If you don’t, well…..

As the State forges ahead with the Great Reset, there is going to be significant economic disruption. As usual, times are going to be tough for the majority but multinational corporations are going to do very well out of it. If you think about it, this might make you angry. Therefore, your blind faith in your representative leaders matters a great deal to the State.

As the situation deteriorates, through necessity, people are going to resist. Controlling the statist majority, through fear, is vital for the high priesthood of the State to maintain their illegitimate claims to the moral high ground.

Comically, the MSM propaganda machine insist all this devastation is due to the impact of coronavirus. Of course it isn’t. It is entirely a result of the State’s deliberate lockdown policy decisions. These are intended to create the permanent, abnormal future State being sold to you as the new normal. Ripe for the Great Reset.

Instilling fear in millions of people, to ensure they comply, requires a mass propaganda campaign.

Your sense of personal threat is key for the State to get you to accept the Great Reset. What better way to convince you than to cover everyone’s face?

Fearful of disease, mistrusting and confused, the State is showing you a glimpse of hell. Only total supplication will deliver your salvation in the form of a vaccine, immunity passports and universal basic income in a cashless society. Everything your are, everything you do and everything you believe controlled by the State.

Not everyone wants this, though it seems the majority do. So the next time you see someone refusing to wear a face mask, don’t assume that you are doing the right thing and they’re not, simply because you are the one wearing the mask. If they resist the call to be afraid, if they refuse to social distance and reject the behaviour change that does not mean they don’t care about you or vulnerable people.

In all likelihood they care deeply. Perhaps you should ask them why they refuse to wear the State’s face mask.

Face Masks Have Put Us In A State

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