US Media Propaganda Claiming that Putin Supported “Left-Wing Terrorists” – Global Research

Considering the rising influence of Antifa as the “deep state’s” “useful idiots” of choice in waging the Hybrid War of Terror on America and Trump’s visceral hatred of this decentralized network of left-wing terrorists, there’s a certain logic involved in concocting a conspiracy theory at this precise moment implying that Putin is the “godfather” of this organization through his alleged support of a similarly notorious left-wing terrorist group during his service with the KGB in East Germany.

The purpose of this latest salvo in the “deep state’s” information war against Trump is to trigger him into thinking that Putin is his ideological enemy just like he rightly regards them and their Democrat puppets as being.

The author argued in one of his above hyperlinked analyses that “The Syncretism Of Economic Leftism & Social Fascism Is The World’s New Danger”, which is fast becoming so difficult to deny that Trump’s “deep state” enemies predictably want to pin the blame for this trend on Russia, and specifically on President Putin. To be clear, it isn’t conspiratorial to make the objective observation that the author did upon closely studying the American Left’s de-facto employment of social fascist concepts such as the weaponization of race for anti-state destabilization purposes, but it’s definitely ridiculous to imply that President Putin might have been behind this.

it’s “politically convenient” to propagate this completely false innuendo since it plays into the equally false claim that Russia (which the target audience is always reminded is “run by former KGB agent Putin”) sows chaos around the world simply for chaos’ sake by supporting both sides in any given conflict. Variations of his weaponized narrative include the unsubstantiated accusation that Russia was responsible for the 2015 Migrant Crisis, the fake news that Russian trolls are supporting Democrat and Republican candidates on social media in order to further divide America, and now the equally absurd innuendo that Putin personally played a role in the syncretism between economic leftism and social fascism by simultaneously handling far-left and far-right terrorists during his time with the KGB in East Germany. Like the author wrote at the beginning of this analysis, fake news is most effective whenever it mixes a bit of indisputable truth with scandalous speculation in order to craft an information product that appeals to the target audience’s confirmation bias.

US Media Propaganda Claiming that Putin Supported “Left-Wing Terrorists”

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