Chinagate Is the Craziest Conspiracy Theory Yet. Alleged Pro-Trump Election Meddling – Global Research

Bolton’s unsubstantiated allegations can therefore be interpreted as yet another incredulous conspiracy theory by Trump’s institutional opponents in the country’s permanent bureaucracy (particularly its military, intelligence, and diplomatic ones that have collectively been referred to by some as the “deep state”) to manipulate voters’ minds ahead of the upcoming elections. Both the Russiagate and Ukrainegate scandals were proven to have never happened, just as the Chinagate one will surely be disproved as well.

The pattern at play is that Trump’s “deep state” opponents are desperately trying to portray him as “treasonous” considering the documented consistency of their weaponized narrative claiming that he has a history of “colluding” with foreign countries. Be it for supposedly nefarious intentions or simply because of the false perception that he’s so inept for the presidency that he doesn’t understand what he isn’t legally allowed to do, the common thread connecting these conspiracies is that Trump’s actions are a betrayal of America.

The very fact that this fake news narrative has mutated to the point where it now involves China of all countries speaks to just how desperate those behind this campaign have become since nobody with any sense whatsoever would pay any credence to these latest claims. What’s especially curious about all of this is how actively the Democrat-aligned mainstream media is promoting Bolton’s allegations considering that he was universally reviled by them for years up until he was fired by Trump last September.

Chinagate Is the Craziest Conspiracy Theory Yet. Alleged Pro-Trump Election Meddling

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