Cash4Covid – How hospitals are making money off the coronavirus – OffGuardian

Hospitals in the US are getting money for diagnosing Covid19. They get more money if those patients are then put on ventilators. It’s time we really started thinking about what that means.

Early on in the launch of the Sars-Cov-2/Covid19 “pandemic”, it was revealed by Dr Scott Jensen that hospitals in the US were getting paid bonuses for diagnosing Covid19 in their patients, and then larger bonuses again if those patients were put on ventilators.

We’re not fact-checking that. We don’t need to. It’s already been done.

As soon as his words were aired, the “independent fact checkers” descended upon them in an effort to prove him wrong. They could not. Resorting instead to weasel words and obfuscations.

The CARES act channelled $175bn dollars into the “fight” against coronavirus, including $15 billion purely for treating COVID patients without insurance.

15 BILLION dollars. That’s a lot of extra money.

You couldn’t blame a doctor for gaming the system to get a little for his struggling, under-funded clinic. For labelling some unknown respiratory illness “Covid19”, or re-ordering a test known to create false-positives until he gets the result which may pay a nurse’s salary, or re-stock a pharmacy.

If a few thousand doctors do that a few hundred times each, you’ve created a “pandemic” out of nowhere, with a comparatively small outlay and 99% of those involved believing they’re doing the right thing.

The American medical system is broken, of course. Has been for decades, and Dr Jensen’s revelations received a comparatively large amount of coverage which people in the UK and Europe largely filed away as “just American healthcare doing American healthcare things”.

What received markedly less coverage is the fact the UK’s NHS has its own Covid money problem.

We don’t know if they operate a similar “money for diagnosis” system, and when we contacted the NHS to clarify this we were passed around various NHS offices before eventually being totally ignored. We received no answer to the question at all.

We do know that the NHS has received over £14 billion in extra funds since the crisis erupted. Which doesn’t include all the money saved from running the NHS at well under capacity for over three months.

There is a hard reality here we’ve all been slowly becoming aware of for a while now. It’s time we looked it square in the face.

Look at this in context. Look at the tests which cause false positives, and the coroner guidelines being changed. Consider the nursing home deaths, the enforced illegal use of DNRs and how at odds all of that is with the actual threat of the virus. It’s all coming together to form a very disturbing picture.

Cash4Covid – How hospitals are making money off the coronavirus

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