The Fake News About Russia and the Taliban Aims to Achieve Three Strategic Objectives – Global Research

The Mainstream Media is in a tizzy after the New York Times (NYT) published a fake news provocation alleging that Russia solicited the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. More specifically, they claim that its military intelligence wing, GRU, was responsible for the operation. The Western public is already preconditioned into associating those three letters with the craziest conspiracies considering that the GRU was blamed for the failed assassination of former spy Sergei Skripal almost two and a half years ago in the UK. It’s since become the global bogeyman for scaring targeted audiences into jumping on the “Russia threat” bandwagon, which explains why it’s the subject of the latest infowar provocation to come out last weekend. It’s not just that the NYT’s “deep state” backers want to remind everyone that they’re “supposed” to be “afraid” of Russia, however, since this particular “perception management” operation aims to achieve three other strategic objectives as well.

The NYT’s latest “deep state”-directed infowar provocation against Russia might be believable for those who already dislike the Eurasian Great Power and Trump with equal measure, but it’s unlikely to achieve its first two strategic objectives of disrupting the fragile Afghan peace process and reversing the minimal but nevertheless observable progress that was recently made towards reaching a “New Detente” with Russia. It might, however, bear some fruit in respect to widening the rift between Russia and India. The US and India already engage in so-called “counter-terrorist cooperation”, so New Delhi was likely briefed on the “classified” details of this fake news “report” by representatives of the “deep state” itself in order to make their claims all the more compelling. Considering that the growing trust between the US and India is occurring in parallel to the gradual weakening thereof between India and Russia, New Delhi’s decision makers might actually fall for this false narrative. For this reason, both pairs of bilateral relations should be closely monitored across the coming months in order to see whether that’s actually the case or not.

The Fake News About Russia and the Taliban Aims to Achieve Three Strategic Objectives

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