Remembering Sweida – the ISIS massacre July 25th 2018 – The Wall Will Fall

These people have rebuilt their lives painfully and slowly. The newly built memorial statues and gravestones at the entrance to each village are a stark reminder of how many innocent lives were taken the morning of the 25th June 2018, when ISIS terrorists entered the villages at 4am and began to slaughter children, women and elderly civilians as they lay sleeping.

The US sponsorship of this attack and of ISIS generally has been described many times by the survivors of this attack and the family members who have now returned to rebuild the shattered lives of these brave people.

I visited these villages only a few days after the ISIS attacks and I followed the case of the women and children, kidnapped by the terrorists as they fled eastwards towards the protection of the criminal US military base in Al Tanf.

I interviewed many of the survivors and the brave resistance fighters from the communities who described their terrifying battles with the heavily armed and well-equipped ISIS forces.

Remembering Sweida – the ISIS massacre July 25th 2018

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