COVID: Renewed Government-Media Hype Over “Cases” Doesn’t Prove There’s a Pandemic – 21st Century Wire

You might have noticed there is a renewed pandemonium over new coronavirus “outbreaks” seemingly popping up everywhere around the country. This is naturally stoking more panic and fear, as well as calls to lockdown communities once again. 

If you are looking closely, you’ll be able to read between the pedantic propaganda lines and quickly dispel a lot of the hype being promulgated by technocrats and other opportunists.

Government and mainstream media will always omit to inform the public one fundamental component which would quickly disarm any of these endless alarmist reports of COVID ‘outbreaks’ – which is that all of these ‘cases’ are not translating into the statistics which are actually important, namely, hospitalizations and deaths. This is because the overwhelming majority of COVID fatalities have been in one specific demographic: elderly people with multiple comorbidities. In fact, the odds of a young person actually being hospitalized for coronavirus are significantly less that getting in an automobile accident, while they are at greater risk of being set upon by influenza or numerous other common viruses. COVID simply doesn’t rate among the most common things which which pose a serious threat to young people, or even middle aged people for that matter.

COVID: Renewed Government-Media Hype Over “Cases” Doesn’t Prove There’s a Pandemic

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