Israeli Police Brutality: Unnoticed Murder of Palestinian Autistic Man Eyad Hallaq – Global Research

It is sometimes difficult to comprehend the savagery of the Israeli police state. There may be two reasons for this: 1) because the actions of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and illegal settlers are so extreme and violent as to stagger the imagination, and 2) because their barbaric actions have become so commonplace.

But the murder of Eyad Hallaq, a 32-year-old autistic man, shot to death at point-blank range while lying immobilized from a shot to the leg, with his caregiver begging for his life, is the latest shocking savagery in a long line of crimes against humanity committed by Israelis.

Mr. Hallaq lived with his parents who devoted their life to his care. He had walked every morning for six years to a vocational training program at the El Quds center in Jerusalem. Israeli police had seen him regularly during that time. Yet on this fateful day, May 30, 2020, Israeli police shouted ‘Terrorist’ at him, then shot him in the leg. Moments later, terrified and helpless, with his caregiver screaming that he was disabled, he was executed.

Consider that a Palestinian teenager can spend as much as twenty years in prison for throwing a rock at a car, while an Israeli teen can spend nine months in prison for the cold-blooded murder of a Palestinian, a murder captured on video and widely seen.

There are some people who take great umbrage at the suggestion that Israel is an apartheid regime. Israel has roads on which Palestinians can’t drive; there are numerous, arbitrarily-manned checkpoints that Palestinians must pass through within Palestine. These are not checkpoints that border Palestine and Israel: these are checkpoints that Palestinians must cross to move from one part of Palestine to another. And laws, such as the one mentioned above, all demonstrate the clear fact that Israel is a brutal, racist, apartheid regime.

Anyone one with any degree of feeling mourns the tragic death of Mr. Hallaq; his blood cries out for justice, justice that will not be satisfied. The United States government officials proclaim that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, using their narrow and twisted view that if a nation votes, it is democratic, and that Israel will investigate any such crimes as the killing of Mr. Hallaq. That is similar to a belief that the fox can be relied on to assure that any raid of the henhouse will be impartially investigated.

Israeli Police Brutality: Unnoticed Murder of Palestinian Autistic Man Eyad Hallaq

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