Russia did it Again – Chasing the Bounty Hunters – New Eastern Outlook

It’s only YOU, the people, who can silence the lies, by ignoring these prominent and outright false news outlets’ messages and their constant deceptions, and by getting the news from alternative on-line sources. It’s not for nothing that the “deep state” – or the powers that be – try desperately to silence these truth-seeking and truth-propagating media, by closing them down, by hacking them, by obnoxiously and unconstitutionally censuring them.

The Zuckerbergs, Bezos, Soroses, Ford’s, Rockefellers, Gates….. of this world have all the means and money to tell the media what to write, report, and what to show to you, the people. They do it on behalf of the invisible “deep dark state”.

Almost always with the purpose of brainwashing you into believing a lie. If this lie is believed by enough people, it gives them – the deep dark state, the destructive powers that be – the power to carry out the action that is justified by the lie, i.e. going to war, forge regime change, or outright assassinate an uncomfortable leader.

It is time to wake up, friends. The clock is not stopping. And we keep sliding towards disaster without apparently noticing. And that’s the way “they” want it. See the light and shred the lie-supported cocoon of comfort – you – and we as a people in solidarity, will begin feeling much better, a purpose in life.

Russia did it Again – Chasing the Bounty Hunters

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