Highly dangerous drug being used to sedate COVID patients – Jon Rappoport

In my recent series of articles, I’ve exposed the fact that COVID-19 equals killing old ill people—the causing of their premature deaths through terror and isolation—it’s not a virus—and thus falsely inflating “epidemic” numbers.

And now this:

I’ve become aware of a very dangerous drug—Fresenius Propoven—that is being used to sedate COVID patients who are on breathing ventilators in US hospitals.

The FDA has approved its use on an emergency basis “during the pandemic.”

Why? Unclear. Because other drugs are in short supply? The FDA openly warns that the concentration of the active ingredient in the drug is higher than usual. Double, in fact.

This raises MAJOR issues. We know that in some hospitals, the level of care is casual and neglectful, to say the least. Untrained or inattentive staff are routinely putting patients on ventilators. Medicare is paying out coverage to hospitals at a much higher rate, when COVID-diagnosed patients are placed on ventilators.

In New York City, at least one ER doctor—Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell—has gone public with the fact that some patients need oxygen, but ventilator protocols can damage their lungs and kill them.

A nurse working at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York—Erin Marie Olszewski—stated that patients on ventilators are given very heavy sedation, and they never wake up.

Hospitals are, to an alarming degree, liability-free zones, because they isolate COVID patients and wall them off from friends and family.

And now: a sedative drug that contains a much higher-than-usual concentration of the active ingredient—with the extreme danger of overdose.

As usual, the general public is completely uninformed. The entire focus is on “the virus.” Instead of on medical treatment itself as a cause of death.

The medical community is well aware of the disaster their own treatments pose. As I’ve cited numerous times in these pages, a review done in the year 2000, and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (8/26/2000), spelled it out. Authored by Dr. Barbara Starfield, of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, the review was titled, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?” Starfield conservatively estimated that every year, the US medical system kills 225,000 people. 119,000 as a result of mistreatment and errors in hospitals; and 106,000 from the effects of FDA-approved medical drugs.

When I interviewed Starfield in 2009, she emphatically stated she was aware of NO systematic effort by the federal government to remedy this horrific ongoing catastrophe.

It’s still business as usual.

The business of medically caused death.

And now they’re calling it COVID-19.

Highly dangerous drug being used to sedate COVID patients

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