Notorious Fourth: Independence Day in the Land of the Captive, the Home of the Cowed – OffGuardian

One hardly knows whether to laugh or to cry when reviewing the contrast between what does and doesn’t appear in what we charitably call our “news” media. In the last few days, I have repeatedly read dire warnings about the possible consequences of combining fireworks with hand sanitizer, it being assumed (I guess) that no self-respecting American would dream of venturing outside to set off a Roman candle without washing his hands in antiseptic solution at least once every ten minutes. Such is the power of brainwashing.

Then there’s the piece dated July 2 in the grand old National Geographic, explaining yet again (this time on the basis of a hastily-constructed “model”) that COVID19 is at least 50 to 100 times as lethal as a typical flu. The premises underlying the new “model” look suspiciously flimsy to me, but since I’m not a scientist I’ll set that question aside in favor of one that must be obvious to anyone who can nudge the needle on an EEG.

It’s simply this: if COVID19 is “at least” fifty times as deadly as the seasonal flu; and if the official statistics of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention routinely attribute more than 30,000 annual deaths in the U.S. to seasonal flu (which they do); then doesn’t it follow that COVID19 would have to be responsible for at least one and half million deaths in this country, by the article’s own reckoning? Yet we all know the lockdown-lovers themselves aren’t predicting a death toll even remotely that high. In a word, this claim (like so many others) is nothing more than fear-mongering propaganda; the purveyors can’t possibly believe their own hype.

Notorious Fourth: Independence Day in the Land of the Captive, the Home of the Cowed

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