Pandemic Propaganda: Global Media Stoke Fears of ‘Outbreak’ of Bubonic Plague – 21st Century Wire

Fear merchants in mainstream media editorial rooms across the world seem very keen to promote the idea of a “high alert” situation in China’s Inner Mongolia region where it has been reported that one “suspected case” of Bubonic Plague was detected over the weekend.

Of course, this has triggered a knee-jerk panic, as Chinese health officials are now telling the public to avoid any risks of human-to-human infection from this supposed plague. In a country of 1.5 billion, one single case is relatively meaningless in terms of a public health threat. Nonetheless, many western governments are adopting the new Chinese model of bio-crisis management.

Of course, this story may burn itself out in 24 hours, but it’s important to point out how indicative this is over the standard media operating procedure in the era of COVID.

More likely, this is the government-media complex and its pharmaceutical benefactors flexing their post-COVID muscles again. We can expect more scares like this appearing periodically in our news headline feeds, partly because they generate clicks, views, and revenue for mainstream media outlets, but more importantly because these alarmist stories are priming the public for a further roll-out of ‘New Normal’ medical martial law policies and increased surveillance.

Pandemic Propaganda: Global Media Stoke Fears of ‘Outbreak’ of Bubonic Plague

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