Regime Change in Syria Remains Hard-Wired US Policy – Stephen Lendman

Bashar al-Assad is overwhelmingly popular. If he seeks another term as president, he’ll like to be overwhelmingly reelected, repeating his June 2014 landslide triumph — a process judged open, free, and fair by independent international monitors.

From day one of Obama regime aggression on Syria to the present day, now Trump’s war, Washington’s uncompromising objective was and remains regime change — wanting the country transformed into a US vassal state, an Israel rival eliminated.

The same policy holds in all US war theaters, preemptively launched against nonbelligerent states threatening no one — what the scourge of imperialism is all about.

US forces came to Syria to stay, the same true for all its war theaters, including Iraq where US-supported ISIS jihadists continue to operate in parts of the country.

Since the Bush/Cheney regime preemptively launched war on Afghanistan in early October 2001, based on Big Lies and deception, followed weeks later by war on Yemen, then other countries, conflicts continue endlessly in all nations it attacked without just cause — causing millions of casualties.

Regime Change in Syria Remains Hard-Wired US Policy

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