What’s Missing from SC Debate Over Aid to Syrian Civilians – Stephen Lendman

For days, Security Council members have been debating how humanitarian aid should be delivered to civilians in the country’s northwest where it’s most needed.

There’d be no need for aid, and thus no SC debate, if the US hadn’t preemptively attacked nonbelligerent Syria threatening no one in March 2011.

Syria is Obama/Biden’s war, now Trump/Pence’s — using ISIS, al-Nusra (the al-Qaeda offshoot in the country), and likeminded jihadists as proxy troops.

Throughout conflict in its 10th year — with no resolution in prospect because bipartisan US hardliners reject restoration of peace and stability to the war-torn country — the Pentagon and CIA continue to recruit, heavily arm, fund, train, and direct jihadist fighters to wage war on Syrian sovereignty, its military defenders, and civilians.

The genocidal US Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act is all about starving the civilian population into submission at a time of endless US aggression that aims to transform the country into a vassal state, its sovereignty eliminated.

Pillaging the nation’s resources is part of US strategy.

What’s Missing from SC Debate Over Aid to Syrian Civilians

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