Citizens Forced to Breathe Deadly (alleged) Climate Change Gas – Ron Paul Institute

TCTT editor note: Man made climate change is a nonsense, see : GLOBAL WARMING: FACT OR FICTION? PRESENTATION BY DR. WILLIE SOON, It’s always a good idea to question any and all narratives promoted by war criminal governments & MSM propagandists, especially those narratives that primarily use fear to further an agenda, climate alarmism being one example, the terror narrative & the virus narrative as other examples.

wearing a face mask has been shown to reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood stream to 17.5 percent which over time can lead to hypoxia or lack of adequate oxygen to function normally. Headaches, foggy thinking and lethargy are common byproducts. Mask wearing while engaging in heightened physical activity can make matters even worse. 

Then there are the obvious inconsistencies with mask wearing. You have to wear one to enter a restaurant but once seated you can take it off? How does that work? Is there any “science” that says seated people in a restaurant aren’t susceptible to the virus but if you start walking around you’re toast?

None of this Covid garbage makes any sense to anyone willing to engage in critical thinking!

Wear a mask and demonstrate your allegiance to the totalitarian monsters who claim they only want to keep us safe. Stand up for freedom and liberty by choosing to remain maskless; I will not comply!

Citizens Forced to Breathe Deadly Climate Change Gas

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