Hope Is Gone, Evil Has Taken Over, We Are At War With The Western Leaders/By Father Daniel, Belgium Priest In Syria – Mark Taliano

Dear Friends,

A deep disappointment and a fatigue together with the regular and unanimous will to deal with this increasingly difficult situation continue to help each other, that is, as far as I can tell it, the predominantly sense of life of the Syrian people. However, this asks people nothing but to let the people live in peace in their own country with the wide possibilities that are rightfully theirs.

The war is already going on for more than nine years. This, what they call a war, had nothing to do with a “spontaneous popular uprising ”or a“ civil war ” because, there have not been any of this . We have seen how it started here in Syria. The superpowers wanted the oil, the gas for themselves, built the “American” pipeline and especially break the independence of a sovereign Syria.

The people, the army and the government however, held on to their sovereignty and their country. Therefore, the “International community” an overwhelming military coalition kill the people and destroy their land. They Western Coalition tried to kill and destroy Syria, but didn’t succeed, the people, army and government remained united and upright, also because of the loyal allies, like Russia and Hezbollah. The Western powers justified these crimes to the public opinion worldwide, they use the media “monsters” and spread lies over a president (president Assad) who allegedly tortures his own people, starves them and kills. This remains the pretext of the Western politics and media to this day.

An unrelenting flow of gruesome headhunters recruited by the Western powers and thanks to international aid which supplied them, they killed without any effort, paid and armed, in Syria, by the West. But the Syrian people are not yet on their knees for these criminal rulers. Embargoes and sanctions were imposed to suffocate life and a free fall was planned for the Syrian lira (of SL 60 for the war to SL 1000 during the war now to SL 2500 for one dollar!). The pinnacle now is the draconian Caesar law which is heavily punishing anyone who in any way supports the Syrian people. Instead of supporting the people against the terrorists, or with the reconstruction and the fight against the corona virus, the international community is starving the Syrian people in the most inhumane way.

Our EU politicians and journalists (bought by the EU) are the real cause of suffering and injustice in Syria. They know by now the real situation and are therefore the unscrupulous accomplices of a satanic work. The Syrian people are exhausted but remain determined to revolt against this international organized criminal network.

Hope Is Gone, Evil Has Taken Over, We Are At War With The Western Leaders/By Father Daniel, Belgium Priest In Syria

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