Danon has Exposed the Fact that the UN has Abandoned Palestine and the Palestinians – The Palestine Chronicle

The ongoing efforts to justify Israeli violations of international law clearly indicate the seriousness of annexation. Danon claims that history and international law are on Israel’s side. They aren’t; unfortunately, though, the international community is.

The UN is to blame for the way that Palestinian history and narratives have been relegated to annual commemorations, thus communicating overtly that as far as the international body is concerned, Palestinians are just a trophy item on its agenda. With such silent diplomacy and one with which the Palestinian Authority is in complete concordance, it is an easy task for Israeli representatives to manipulate history and international law based upon collective inaction when it comes to Palestinian rights.

History has documented Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine; it is a fact, as is its normalisation by the international community. Danon has had enough experience at the UN to know that any purported support for Palestinians’ political rights is meaningless and that Israel can get away with anything, including war crimes because the international community allows it to determine by itself what constitutes a violation of international law. Israel, though, believes that it is incapable of violating international law because the colonial state’s own legislation justifies crimes, which international laws and conventions prohibit.

Moreover, Israel’s depiction as a democracy within the international arena ensures that the UN will never consider the realities of its colonial violence, let alone recognize the fact that Palestinians are within their rights to resist occupation as part of an anti-colonial struggle.

Danon has Exposed the Fact that the UN has Abandoned Palestine and the Palestinians

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