Russian Bounties to Taliban Hoax: Another Big Lie That Won’t Die – Stephen Lendman

By imperial US standards and its press agent media, nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to its interests are considered fair game for bashing with an onslaught of Big Lies and deception.

The propaganda report published by the Times that “Russia secretly offered (the Taliban) bounties to kill US troops” in Afghanistan (sic) was a whopper of a Big Lie even by its long ago discredited standards.

The Pentagon denied the claim. So did the NSA, saying it has no corroborating intelligence that suggests it. The CIA refused to confirm what it knows is untrue.

The Times even backed off from its own initial claim, shifting the narrative from Russia paying bounties to Taliban fighters to paying “Taliban-linked militants to kill American and coalition troops in Afghanistan (sic),” using a middleman “contractor (sic).”

Is version 3.0 of its fake news coming in a future report?

Establishment media pillory US adversaries with an endless barrage of misinformation, disinformation, fake news, Big Lies, and mass deception.

Various renditions of an anti-US Russia-Taliban connection is one of the latest examples.

Endless establishment media propaganda surfaces daily — press releases for the US war on humanity.

Like crabgrass and horse manure, it’s everywhere in new forms daily.

Russian Bounties to Taliban Hoax: Another Big Lie That Won’t Die

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