Afghanistan: the US “War” on Drugs – New Eastern Outlook

Programs by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that are geared toward decreasing the quantity of opium poppy crops in Afghanistan have, in actuality, fostered growth in production of the narcotic, states a quarterly report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction that was presented to the US Congress. In addition, the document refutes proclamations made by American officials that opium poppy is chiefly grown in areas under control by the Taliban movement (an organization that is forbidden in the Russian Federation – Ed.). According to experts, by turning a blind eye to drug trafficking American military service personnel can buy loyalty from the local elite.

And that does correspond to reality. Otherwise, how can it be explained that a report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), which is a US government agency, states that from 2002 to March 2017 the US wasted 8.5 billion USD on efforts to eradicate the narcotics threat in Afghanistan, yet never managed to fulfill the objective that was set, and Afghanistan remains the largest opium producer in the world – and one that is more and more actively filling demand not only in European markets for drugs, but in the American one. Heroin is a multi-billion dollar business, backed by the interests of powerful circles in the United States. From this it becomes evident that one of the goals for the occupation of Afghanistan was to restore the drug trafficking that was under their control back to its former level, and to assume complete control over drug delivery routes. In 2001, under the Taliban, 185 tons of opium was produced, whereas now, even given incomplete data, opium production has risen to 13,000 tons!

Trying to shirk responsibility, Washington – as is its usual practice – publishes rosy reports about the “active war” against drugs, and at the same time falsely accuses Russia of allegedly cooperating with the Taliban (an organization that is banned in the Russian Federation – Ed.). Zamir Kabulov, a Russian presidential special envoy, sharply refuted the false accusations from the CIA about “collusion” with the Taliban, underscoring that the US is the country that has joined with the Taliban to play a part in the flourishing drug traffic out of Afghanistan, adding that “the US paid numerous bribes to implement several drug-related projects in Afghanistan”. He also emphasized that American aircraft can fly out of Kandahar and Bagram to anywhere, including Germany and Romania, without going through an inspection. This means that the Americans, without any form of control, transport huge shipments of drugs into Europe, and then to the US, earning criminal money on the spilled blood of the Afghan people.

Afghanistan: the US “War” on Drugs

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