Challenging Caesar! – Vanessa Beeley

Yesterday, in #Damascus, I was honoured to be invited to a conference organised by Syrian businessman and entrepreneur, Dr Hani Barakat. The mission of the conference is to identify the issues facing small businesses and ambitious Syrian young people seeking to start initiatives to combat the economic pressure the country is facing.

The overriding message of the first day was a profoundly touching tribute to the Syrian Arab Army for their sacrifices on the military battlefield and the shouldering of responsibility, by the business class, to defeat US Coalition economic terrorism that now is the greatest threat to Syria’s stability and survival.

Eminent journalist, Khalid Al Matrood, gave a rousing speech at the end of a long day. The US Coalition has targeted 1. Safety/security 2. The President and the Syrian Arab Army and now 3. the Economy. Al Matrood urged people to compare Syria to how it would be if under the rule of the terrorist and extremist factions and to remember that persistence costs less than surrender. “Don’t compare Syria to pre 2011, compare your country to life under an ISIS-style regime”. “A stable Syria is stability for the whole region and for Syria’s allies, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. “The victory of President Assad is victory for the Palestinian cause”.

Challenging Caesar!

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