Russia’s New Constitution: What You Need to Know – James Corbett

Now, readers of this column know that I’m no fan of Putin (or any political misleader), and no fan of the mystical ability of a majority of the public to impose their will on the minority of the public. But anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that, after the last four years of unhinged hysteria over the supposed Russian menace—from the Russiagate nonsense to the latest debunked Afghan bounty story—we all know that each and every claim about Russia in the Western establishment press is a lie. So it’s natural to take these claims about Putin’s thuggery and the people’s anger with a gigantic grain of salt.

So what’s really going on here? Is there somewhere we can turn for a more balanced critique and analysis of the situation?

As usual, the reality of these constitutional changes is more complex than the flashy clickbait headlines of either the MSM or the alternative press would have you believe. Yes, these reforms are significant, assuming you’re a statist who believes in the magical democratic rituals and sacred pieces of paper that supposedly govern our lives or an anarchist who recognizes that we live in a statist world where such things have importance whether they are legitimate or not. And yes, there are elements of Russian society that are displeased with these developments. But, as always, there are a host of domestic political factors at play, meaning that these issues are being used to play elements of the population against each other for the benefit of this or that political party.

In the end, none of this changes the core truths:

1: That the neo-neocons now have their arch-bogeyman (Putin) safely installed for the foreseeable future, making a perfect foil as we descend into the (phonyfakestaged and manipulated) Cold War 2.0.

2: And that Putin is another puppet and arch-globalist of the neo-globalism variety who plays along with the coronavirus scamdemic and every other key globalist objective when need be.

Still, the political puppet show makes for entertaining soap opera, doesn’t it?

Russia’s New Constitution: What You Need to Know

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